May I visit my child during the day?

Certainly! We have an open door policy at CDLC. Feel free to drop in and join us anytime.

How flexible are your programs?

CDLC Day School offers full-day and half-day programs, you may choose from as few as two days or up to five days a week depending on your childs schedule. We also offer before and after-school programs.
How will I know if my child is safe while I am away?

At CDLC Day School we are dedicated to providing a safe and secure enviroment for teachers and children. CDLC is equipped with keypad entry security system, every parent is given a special code to enter school. Upon entrance into school all visitors must register in visitor log, any visitor who is authorized by parent or guardian must present two forms Identification.

We would like to invite your family to come see our program. Please call or email us to schedule a tour. 314-275-8800