CDLC Curriculum We’ve designed a curriculum that integrates the many aspects of learning to provide the best start for each and every child who attends our classes.

The goal of our Day School curriculum is to guide our children to their full potential in all aspects of life. Contact us for more about our classes. Our dedicated teachers use a variety of teaching strategies and proven instructional methods to develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills through active exploration in learning centers and as well as group activities.

Children learn best when actively engaged.

We know that children learn best when they are actively engaged. Learning through play is a great way for kids to have a lot of fun while allowing them to investigate their surroundings, explore their imaginations and give them freedom to learn at a pace that suits their needs.

We encourage children to explore different materials and make decisions aligned with what interest them. We want our children to socialize with friends, social skills are at the core of our curriculum this teaches children to express themselves as well as communicate their needs and wants. This is one of the many keys needed for success and will help kids navigate through many obstacles they will be faced with in life.

Learning Activities -Sharing and conversation time. -Learning new songs and stories. -Creative art activities. -Construction/building. -New math experiences. -Large muscle activities. -Celebration of birthdays. -Plays using fingers/puppets. -Freedom to move to each center. -Monthly themed events.

Enrichment Programs -Little Chefs cooking academy. -Ballet and dance lessons. -All Star Sports program. -Computer learning sessions. -In school field trips. – ABC Mouse.

CDLC Day School Curriculum

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